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Empowering Children’s Hospice South West to focus on their mission.

Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW) is a charitable organisation dedicated to caring for children and young people with life-threatening conditions by providing children’s hospice and professional family support services.

The challenge

Gillards and Children’s Hospice South West have built a strong partnership over many years, enabling CHSW to prioritise valuable resource.

CHSW faced several challenges in managing their fundraising materials and Christmas card range efficiently. Firstly, they needed a reliable solution for storage and inventory management of their fundraising materials, including banners, signs, and promotional items. Secondly, the logistics of delivering these materials to both hospice sites and individual fundraisers were complex, often leading to increased costs. CHSW also required support with handling and fulfilling orders for their Christmas card range, which included online orders that needed to be efficiently processed and dispatched. Managing returns from fundraisers was another pain point. CHSW had to divert staff and volunteers from their critical tasks to sort out returns, resulting in lost time and resources. Their storage space was limited, and it was challenging to maximise its use for mission-critical needs. Lastly, ensuring the right stock levels for fundraising materials was a constant concern to avoid overstocking or running out of essential items.

The solution

In response to these challenges, Gillards provided a comprehensive solution tailored to CHSW’s specific needs. We took charge of the storage and inventory management for CHSW’s fundraising materials. This included secure and organised storage, ensuring easy access and efficient tracking. We also streamlined the order processing and delivery services for fundraising materials, ensuring timely and cost-effective distribution to hospice sites and individual fundraisers.

Gillards assumed responsibility for managing the Christmas card range, from order fulfilment for individual customers to bulk orders for groups. Additionally, we optimised the returns process, directly managing returns at our site, saving CHSW valuable time and money. With returns efficiently handled, staff and volunteers were no longer burdened by the time-consuming task of sorting them out, enabling them to focus on their core mission.

Furthermore, Gillards helped CHSW make the most of their limited storage space. By entrusting Gillards with storage, CHSW could allocate their storage facilities to more critical purposes.

The result

Gillards’ full-service e-fulfilment and logistics solution has empowered CHSW to focus on their core mission. This partnership stands as a prime example of how strong collaborations can make a significant impact in the charitable sector.

“Gillards understand how we work and some of the challenges we face as an organisation. By partnering with Gillards, we have saved valuable time and resources. This means we’ve been able to free up storage space and deploy our incredible staff and team of volunteers where we really need them. We continue to be very pleased with the service provided by Gillards.”  

Jessica Patel, CHSW Director of Marketing and Communications

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