Gillards Storage Service

Gillards offer 100,000 sq ft of storage area for all your products and warehousing needs.

  • Maximum security
  • CCTV monitored and ‘Red Care’ alarmed
  • Climate control keeping your items clean and dry
  • UK Warehousing Association Standard operations
  • Online portal to manage inventory

Originally built in 1970 for the manufacture and storage of pharmaceutical goods, our premises of 100,000 sq. ft. is particularly suited for the storage of products that require constant temperature and humidity levels. In the past this has been mainly printed matter but we currently hold a wide range of products - from paper to confectionery and children’s toys to clothing.

Our high quality storage facility is fully maintained keeping the storage environment clean, tidy and dry. To offer maximum security the warehouse is fully CCTV monitored and ‘Red Care’ alarmed.

'All warehouse operations are conducted to the standards of the UK Warehousing Association, showing commitment to best practices in all aspects of our business.'

Our Locations

Bristol, United Kingdom

What's involved?

  1. DEDICATED ACCOUNT MANAGER– Sign up and be assigned an Account manager who will support you every step of the way.
  2. SYSTEMS INTEGRATION– Integrate your eCommerce website with our systems.
  3. PRODUCTS – We get your products in and store them in our secure and clean warehouse.
  4. ORDER AND SHIPPING – Orders come in and we ship direct to your customer.
  5. MANAGE INVENTORY – access our online portal toview and manage the whole process.
  6. Enjoy having happy customers and peace of mind that your logistics is being taken care of by a team that care about your business.

Do you provide Warehouse storage locations around the world?

Yes, we do. We provide storage in Bristol, UK and can arrange storage in other countries as necessary.

Need more help or need a quote?

Our team are on-hand and ready to answer all of your Warehousing, Shipping or Fulfilment questions. Contact us today.

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